Accommodations :: Motel Bianco
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Accommodations :: Motel Bianco

There are two sections of Motel Bianco. You can choose to stay in one of our classic motel style drive-up rooms where you can literally park your car outside of your room, or you can choose to stay in our courtyard area.

Drive-up Rooms

Our classic drive up rooms are perfect for the elderly or for the physically impaired, since they offer direct access from the parking lot to the rooms and there are no stairs to climb. These rooms are also great for families who prefer more peace and quiet. While our drive-up rooms do not have internet access, free wireless is available in all public areas of the motel.

Courtyard Rooms

For those looking to experience Motel Bianco's boutique motel atmosphere and mingle with other motel guests, try one of our courtyard rooms. Our charming courtyard is two levels and was purposely designed in a U formation to encourage interaction between those motel guests that would like to socialize and meet other travelers. At Motel Bianco we believe that traveling should be a fun experience and what better way to enjoy your trip than to relax in our outdoor open air courtyard under the stars while sharing tips about what to do in Miami with fellow travelers. The courtyard rooms are equipped with free wireless internet so we recommend these rooms for anyone that needs or wants to stay connected during their stay.

Room Types

There are two styles of rooms at Motel Bianco.


These rooms are equipped with 1 King or Queen bed, and can accommodate up to 2 people (either 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child)


These rooms are equipped with 2 Double beds and can accommodate up to 4 people (either 4 adults or 1 adult and up to 3 children) Please note that rates are based on double occupancy and there is an extra charge for the third and fourth adult or child.